The delivery of the Product (s) will take place at the address indicated by you in the Order within the deadline communicated with the Shipping Mail, but it is not possible to guarantee an exact delivery date.

Since these are handmade products, when not available, delivery times may be longer, up to a maximum of 15 working days (Saturday and Sunday excluded)

If the Product (s) is not (no) delivered (i) within 30 days from the Contract or on any other agreed date, you will have the right to withdraw from the Contract and any amount paid by you will be refunded without further delay.

The property and risks related to the Product (s) pass to you upon delivery.


At the time of delivery you are required to inspect the Product (s) in order to check for any defects or damage. If you find the presence of defects or damage, you should report it as soon as possible to our email address and we will arrange the return without any cost on your part. however available information If you verify that the damage to the Product (s) occurred before delivery, or that the defect is not attributable to your fault or use, we will repair or replace it or refund the full price you have paid, including any shipping costs, provided that the damage does not result from having worn or used the Product (s). If you prefer to repair or replace the Product (s), please contact us at and we will replace the item at no additional cost if this is reasonably possible. In addition, we will reimburse you for the costs incurred for returning the item.

In case of lack of conformity of the Products according to Article 129 of the Consumer Code, the statutory guarantees as per Articles 129 et seq. of the Consumer Code. You have the right to restore, without charge, the conformity of the goods by repair or replacement. In the event that the above remedies are not possible, you are entitled to an appropriate reduction in the price of the products, or to terminate the contract. These rights are considered waived if any lack of conformity is not notified within two months from the date on which it was discovered. Our responsibility extends to the discovery of any lack of conformity within two years from the delivery of the products. In any case, the right to carry out the action aimed at ascertaining possible conformity defects, if not maliciously concealed by us, ceases automatically after twenty-six months from the delivery of the products.


Subject to the terms and conditions detailed, if you are a consumer (ie if you are not buying, in whole or in part, for purposes related to commercial, business, craft or professional activities), pursuant to Article 52 of the Consumer Code you have right, in addition to the other rights due to you, to withdraw from this Contract without just cause and to receive the reimbursement of the paid price including any shipping costs (no shipping costs incurred by Tiffany will be reimbursed).


Products can not be returned in the cases referred to in Article 59 of the Consumer Code, for example for the purchase of specially customized, engraved or individualized products; for the supply of sealed items that are not susceptible to return for sanitary or hygienic reasons which have been removed from seals, etc. after delivery.


The recipients of gifts are entitled to the replacement of the goods but not to reimbursement unless requested by the person who placed the order. To request a change of product or to request that the refund be made to the buyer, please send an email to


You have the right to withdraw from the Contract at any time before the Order is delivered to you and up to 30 days after such date, starting from the day of purchase of your Order (the "Retention Period”).


To exercise the right of withdrawal, you are obliged to give unequivocal communication, preferably in writing:

-ad Aqva & Co S.R.L, Via Roma n. 24, 90046 Monreale (Pa), Italy;

- send an email to (specifying your name, address and order reference number).


If you decide to withdraw from the Contract, the products must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase or within 14 days of the notification of withdrawal, in the same conditions in which you received them. If you do not return the product (s) within the time indicated above, we reserve the right to collect the goods from you at your expense.

You are required to observe the necessary diligence in the care of the Product (s) in your possession. In the event of default, we reserve the right to deduct the cost of any deterioration of the Product (s), up to the price, from the amount you would otherwise be entitled to reimbursement.

We recommend that you ensure that the Product (s) are (no) adequately insured (i) for transportation.

We invite you to contact us at to inquire about the policies adopted.


If the Product (s) is (no) returned according to the terms indicated, we will refund the full price of the Products (subject to any deductions due to the use and damage of the Product) as well as the standard delivery charges paid .

The refund will be made within 14 days starting, respectively:

- if the Products have not been delivered to the shipping address indicated by you, within 30 days from the conclusion of the Contract; or - by sending an email confirmation from us that your Order has been canceled; or - if the Products have been delivered to you, from the receipt of the Products you have returned or, if earlier, from the day in which the proof that you have returned the Products is supplied.